Washroom Refurbishment

What We Offer:

Recognising an urgent need for safer workspaces T Group Commercial offers a bespoke washroom conversion service for commercial and retail premises to protect workers’ health. Our cutting edge interior design team have sourced the leading products to convert a pre-Covid washroom into a safe space utilising contactless/sensor technology. We provide a quick and cost effective service ensuring the minimum disruption to your working environment. Our services range from a complete refurbishment and design of an entire washroom to providing and fitting individual contactless equipment. The equipment supplied includes but is not limited to:

1. Automatic door sensors
2. Sensor door locks
3. Soap dispensers
4. Toilet paper dispensers
5. Faucets (with basins, where required)
6. Next generation toilets
7. Air purifiers
8. Wall mounted thermometers

Additionally we provide accessories for other parts of your building to prevent the spread of Covid including brass door handles and desk dividers. We are also working closely with Ellis Whittam Health and Safety consultants, who offer additional services, including a Covid 19 risk assessment of your premises to ensure compliance with Government guidelines.

Where Landlords or tenants prefer, our professionals work with your existing contractors who are responsible for the building, or one of our own highly experienced teams can be contracted to carry out the works.

How It Works:

Step 1.
Book a free inspection of your washrooms and meet one of our interior designers to discuss the extent of a refurbishment.
Step 2.
We revert to you shortly thereafter with a few different options including price estimates for each finish.
Step 3.
After consultation, we agree a contract for works.
Step 4.
Book the start date to begin the works.
Step 5.
Enjoy your Washrooms of the future.

Book A Free Inspection And Get A Quote.