Why Us

Why Use Our Service

“47% of employees have stated they would need a change in work place safety measures to feel comfortable going back to work.”

– PWC Survey (15/07/2020)

For Landlords:

  1. Landlords have a legal and social duty to protect their tenants.
  2. The post Covid market has produced a surge in vacant office space and prospective tenants want the safest possible offices.
  3. TGC ensures your compliance of the relevant Government Guidance on ``working safely during Coronavirus``(see section 5.3 on Sanitation facilities and toilets).

For Employers:

  1. Employers have a legal and social duty to protect employees in their place of work.
  2. Productivity increases when employees feel safe and secure.
  3. Your Competent Person will insist upon the highest standards of hygiene within the working environment.

Why TGC:

  1. We are one stop shop offering a redesign, supply and fit out of a washroom to meet your post Covid requirements.
  2. Our directors and project managers have Over 30 years experience refurbishing prime property.
  3. Our professional team including chartered surveyors, architects, civil engineers, interior designers, health and safety consultants and building inspectors ensure a fully integrated service.